About Us

Business to Broadcast (B2B) is a platform for all the business who wants to broadcast their business to a wider audience and get the best responses.Hence, every business is aware of how much important it is to be listed on Business to Broadcast (B2B) portal which can help grow their business and capital and vice versa.

In today's era, Competetive Comparison is an important factor for the Customers in order for them to make their decision. Keeping such a crucial and vital aspect of business in mind, Cankreate introduces a first ever Business Comparison Portal - Business to Broadcast (http://b2b.kom.company). Business to Broadcast (B2B) is the first B2B portal on which a business can register themselves, get listed and get compared. This feature gives clients an advantage and suggestion to select the most appropriate business to develop a business relation.

Having been brought up in the technologically  acclimatized world of today we are very well in sync with the digital aspects and online attention towards marketing. Thus providing our clients with the best mobile responsive websites which in turn grabs the attention of many online business seekers.

Our goal is just not to provide our clients with an online business presence but also how can they outnumber other outdated business rivals for having the best look and feel of a mobile website which is easy to navigate and appeals for a business conception.